Four interactive features I designed at CNN Digital 👇🏽
Steer through the Suez Canal
Navigating the Suez Canal is a high-stress, complicated feat that requires master piloting skills. 🚢 To demonstrate, we worked with experts to produce this interactive, try your hand at it.
(We made this little interactive, from ideation to publish, in three days and it went on to be the most successful feature on cnn for a whole week!) 
Design: Sarah-Grace Mankarious
Development: Marco Chacon
How American police gear up to respond to protests
A visual guide to the basics of US police equipment: what they do, how much they cost, and how dangerous the weapons are explained with footage and photography from protests, illustration and dataviz.
Reporting: AJ Willingham and Sarah-Grace Mankarious
Editor: Saeed Ahmed
Design: Sarah-Grace Mankarious
Animation and video: Jeffrey Hsu, Curtis Brown
Illustration: Woojin Lee, Sarah-Grace Mankarious
Development: Marco Chacon
What was Leonardo da Vinci doing at your age?
An interactive feature exploring the 15th century polymath's many achievements, exactly 500 years after his death. 
Reporting: Jacopo Prisco
Design: Sarah-Grace Mankarious
Development: Marco Chacon and Jonathan Fagan

Fast Food Swap
An interactive feature that encourages readers to consider healthier and more environmentally friendly options at fast food restaurants.
Reporting: Sandee LaMotte, David Allan
Design: Sarah-Grace Mankarious, Woojin Lee
Development: Denis Bouquet

More more more more
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👉🏽 An animated interactive health series that explores the benefits of sleep, alcohol and sex and other topics.
👉🏽A royal baby name generator for when you're sick of all the conventional baby names
👉🏽A film with Sanjay Gupta about what brains do when musicians play jazz
👉🏽A 360 tour of the Houses of Parliament with narration by royal correspondent Max Foster

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