CNN Parliament 360
A tour of London's iconic seat of power via a custom interactive experience narrated by our London correspondent Max Foster. CNN filmed 360 video in over a dozen areas of the building; including inside the Big Ben clock face and the Queen's robing room.
So here it is, the first 360 interactive feature on

Editor/Project Lead: Richard A. Greene 
Art Director/Project Lead: Sarah-Grace Mankarious
Developer: Mark Mankarious
360 Video Producer: Flo Davey-Attlee
Cameraman: Lewis Whyld 
360 video editors: Nastya Anashkina, Toby Welham
Narrator: Max Foster
Photo Editor: Benazir Wehelie
Editors: Nancy Leung, Travis Caldwell
3D map: Rob Martin-Dale
Promo video: Ignacio Osorio, Cyrus Lo