Colorscope Yellow
I had the pleasure of working with the talented Barcelona-based animator Sebastián Baptista on this episode. Here's an article he did on Motionographer. Yellow has been chosen to be part of the London International Animation Festival!
Read the accompanying article on 'How Yellow affects your state of mind'.

Producer: Sarah-Grace Mankarious
Writer and Narrator: Dr. James Fox
Director and AnimatorSebastián Baptista
Music: Giacomo Smith
Sound Design: Bryan Stone

CNN Colorscope series
Colorscope is a multi award-winning series on CNN exploring our perception of color and its use across cultures, one shade at a time. 
Each animated film is written and narrated by the BAFTA-nominated broadcaster and academic, Dr. James Fox. Each episode has been animated and directed by a different animation studio, I feel particularly lucky to work with such a breadth of talent. Additional to the video, an article is written for that delves deeper into the facts of that color.

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