Colorscope Red
For this episode I got in touch with an old friend Abel Reverter, a Barcelona-based, kick-ass animator.
Here's an article where Abel talks about Colorscope Red on Stash Magazine!

Producer: Sarah-Grace Mankarious
Writer and Narrator: Dr. James Fox
Director and Animator: Abel Reverter
Music: Giacomo Smith
Sound Design: Bryan Stone

CNN Colorscope series
Colorscope is a multi award-winning series on CNN exploring our perception of color and its use across cultures, one shade at a time. 
Each animated film is written and narrated by the BAFTA-nominated broadcaster and academic, Dr. James Fox. Each episode has been animated and directed by a different animation studio, I feel particularly lucky to work with such a breadth of talent. Additional to the video, an article is written for that delves deeper into the facts of that color.​​​​​​​

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