Colorscope Purple
I worked with the incredibly talented team at Buck NYC on this episode: "Inspired by our love for The Purple One we chose the last color on the spectrum, a marriage of opposites, a mixture between the hottest color and the coldest." This episode received a Vimeo Staff Pick and was featured on Stash Magazine.
Read the accompanying article on 'What purple can tell us about life on other planets'
Director: Buck
Executive Creative Director: Orion Tait
Executive Producer: Anne Skopas
Creative Director: Jon Gorman
Art Director: Thomas Schmid, Federico Reano
Head of Production: Kitty Dillard
Production Coordinator: Alexi Yeldezian
Storyboard: Jon Gorman, Kyle Mowat, Federico Reano, Thomas Schmid
Design: Olivia Blanc, Ben Langsfeld, Kyle Mowat, Jon Gorman, Federico Reano, Thomas Schmid, Arvid Volz
2D Animation: Rasmus Bak, Chad Colby, Jon Gorman, Jaedoo Lee, Alex Perry, Federico Reano
Cell Animation: Olivia Blanc, Gonzalo Menevichian, Kyle Mowat, William Trebutien
CG Supervisor: Bill Dorais
Modeling: Bill Dorais, Brice Linane, Arvid Volz
3D Animation: Chad Colby, Trentity DeWitt, Jon Gorman, Brice Linane, Federico Reano, Arvid Volz
Lighting & Compositing: Brice Linane, Federico Reano, Joao Rema, Arvid Volz
Rigging: Trentity DeWitt, Bill Dorais, Xiong Lin, Brice Linane, Ernesto Ruiz Velasco, Tao Ye
Ink & Liquid: Bill Dorais
Colorist: Jose Fuentes
Producer for CNN: Sarah-Grace Mankarious
Writer and Narrator: Dr. James Fox
Music: Giacomo Smith
Sound Design: John Black, Cypher Audio
CNN Colorscope series
Colorscope is a multi award-winning series on CNN exploring our perception of color and its use across cultures, one shade at a time. I had this idea for a series about color as there was nothing like it focused on facts, and I thought animation would be the perfect medium for it! Each film is written and narrated by the BAFTA-nominated broadcaster and academic, Dr. James Fox. We usually accompany each film with an article on that delves deeper into the facts.

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